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Seal it!

GPS offers sealcoating plans customized to suit your driveway or parking lot. We also offer all types of sealers, including the latest brands available on the market. Our sealcoating technician will examine your surface and recommend a sealer that is best suited for your application.

What does Sealcoating do?

- preserves the life of your asphalt surface

- saves you huge costs over the life of your driveway

Your asphalt driveway is subject to wear and tear, stress and inclement weather despite its durability. Salt, sand, grease and soil penetrate it leading to breakdown in the base foundation causing potholes, cracks and deterioration.



The best way to prolong the life of your asphalt is to apply asphalt sealer on a regular basis. Asphalt sealcoating applied every two to three years prevents surface deterioration.


It is best to have your asphalt sealed within six months to a year of initial installation. This gives the asphalt time to cure and seals in the oils and tars that give asphalt the flexibility to withstand traffic and weather.

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